Denver Westword Featured Chops!

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June 2, 2015
It’s been a great few months for us with the press being generated. People love our idea. We love making awesome events happen.


“Enter Brandon Whalen, long-time Denver musician with My Body Sings Electric and the creator of a new service called Chops. His goal is to provide carefully curated musicians to make sure your next wedding/party/event is as awesome as you are. I decided to chat with Brandon to find out more about the services that Chops offers, the passion it takes to make money as a musician, and get his input on what he thinks it takes to make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch, aside from the one that matters.” See Why Denver Westword Recommends Us For Wedding Bands »

We love to see this great press coming along. To us, it’s proof that our idea is resonating with people. We stick to our guns, concentrate on great entertainment, and aim to support our amazing community of local musicians.